3 Secret Apps That Every Plumber Should Know About

The social media decade has helped to propel home remodeling ideas to expanding heights. Kitchen and bathroom modernizations are not only pleasing to the eye and energy efficient but are among the most common and affordable home interior upgrades for residential homeowners. The three online innovators below will help you reach profitable new markets within this growing industry.

The Plumbing & HVAC SEO - Internet Marketing Podcast

This podcast gives you tips, ideas and strategies on how to easily grow your business. The host
Josh Nelson interviews the most renowned plumbers across the country with a style of questioning that sheds light on topics like How to Use Radio Marketing to Fast-track Your Business, How to Use Social Media for Your Business, and even topics for beginners like How to Grow Your Business from Scratch. Definitely a must listen for all savvy plumbers.

Contractor Expense Log - Mobile App

The mobile app Contractor Expense Log gives you a virtual assistant by helping to manage your costs and expenses. Your rent, utilities, supplies, loans, property, travel and taxes are all streamlined and made easy to manage. Definitely an easy way for you to free up time and handle more important tasks.

Handyman - Mobile App

The Handyman mobile app is built specifically for contractors. It’s essentially a profile matching app that connects people who need service with contractors who perform services. What makes them different from other service providing apps is their $15 per lead connection fee and their abundance of homeowners who use their app to order services. It’s available only in the Apple Store (iphone) but definitely worth checking out if you want to expand your client base. With your search function type in “Handyman by Odis Bledsoe”.

Below are solutions that will help to push a savvy Plumber's services to new levels. 

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